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How to extend the service life of diesel fuel injectors?

diesel fuel injectors

Now ,let us tell you how to extend the service life of diesel fuel injectors?

The injector is an important component of the diesel engine fuel supply system, and its performance is directly affected by the power, economy and reliability of the diesel engine. Proper maintenance is an important prerequisite for ensuring the normal operation of the injector and extending its service life. The normal service life of the injector is generally more than 2500h, but the investigation results show that it is worn out due to improper use and maintenance, using hundreds of hours or even dozens of hours. In this case, in addition to manufacturing quality and improper storage, etc., most of them are dismantling and unloading, improper cleaning, improper assembly adjustment, use of inferior fuel oil, etc., causing early damage of the injector nozzle. The following measures can be taken to prevent early damage to the injector.

Use the required fuel
The use of qualified fuel is a prerequisite for the normal operation of the engine, as well as the basic conditions for reducing the failure of the nozzle coupler and prolonging its service life. Because of the use of fuel that does not meet the requirements, its lubrication, sealing performance and viscosity can not meet the requirements, which will cause carbon deposits in the nozzle parts, resulting in increased wear of the nozzle parts and reduced service life. In addition, the fuel oil is not cleaned, the fuel filter device is damaged or the filter element is removed, and the wrong way of the oil circuit is “unblocked”, which results in shortened service life of the nozzle coupler. To do this, the following should be done:
1.Use the standard grade fuel that meets the requirements for the season or temperature. Generally, the freezing point of diesel oil should be about 5 °C, to ensure that the diesel should be preheated when it is used under the lowest conditions.
2.Establish a strict fuel deposition and filtration system. Diesel should be precipitated and filtered before use to remove impurities, generally not less than 48h. This is because the high-pressure oil pump and the injector of the diesel engine are very delicate. If a little mechanical impurities enter, they will be seriously worn.
3.Clean the fuel filter and fuel tank regularly. If the diesel filter element is not cleaned and replaced regularly, cleaning the diesel tank will cause the fuel supply to block, resulting in insufficient oil supply, and at the same time, the wear of the fuel injection pump and injector precision parts will be intensified due to the unclean diesel. Under normal circumstances, the fuel filter should be cleaned once every 100 hours of use and 500h of fuel tank. When cleaning the fuel filter, if the filter and seal are damaged, they should be replaced in time. Thoroughly remove the sludge and moisture from the bottom of the tank when cleaning the tank.
4.Fuel storage should be sealed. If the fuel storage is poorly sealed, impurities such as dust, rust, and moisture will inevitably enter the fuel, and the fuel will be oxidized and gelled by external factors. Various impurities and moisture accompany the fuel into the fuel supply system and the engine cylinders, which can increase the wear of the nozzle coupler and the cylinder, causing early damage. The actual maintenance found that the wear of the diesel engine fuel system precision parts is mainly caused by the hard abrasive particles contained in the diesel oil. Therefore, strengthening the storage and sealing of the fuel can greatly extend the service life of the fuel injection parts.
5.Do not use mixed oil. In the use, remember to add motor oil, gasoline, alcohol, etc. to the diesel oil, otherwise it will reduce the service life of the fuel injector.
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