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Customer Hot Line:+86 15622179651

Customer Hot Line:

+86 15622179651

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Guangzhou Ruixiao Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional company that manages a full range of accessories for trucks and buses. With a history of more than two decades, it serves customers better and embodies the business tenet of “transmitting value, professional refinement”. In particular, the diesel injection System Business Unit was set up, relying on the support of dozens of factories. The factory directs wholesale diesel injection pumps, fuel injectors, fuel injection nozzles, fuel injection pump accessories, and fuel injection system-related accessories.Such as fuel pump,fuel pump parts,fuel injection kit,fuel pump repair kits, plungers, deliever valves, high pressure fuel lines, low pressure fuel lines, common rail speed sensors, common rails, etc. With many years of professional accumulation, we will provide every customer who needs diesel injection system products. High-quality products, competitive products, systematic solutions, and one-stop fuel system accessories suppliers who strive to become satisfied with customers have become true experts in diesel injection systems.