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Common fuel pump problems and Solution

Common fuel pump problems

What is a Common fuel pump?

The Common fuel pump is known as the heart of the diesel engine.

Is the most important component of the diesel fuel supply system

Is to provide high pressure diesel fuel injectors regularly and quantitatively.

Whether the entire diesel engine can operate normally

Common fuel pumps play a vital role

You should figure out how to solve the problem and problems.

Why the diesel engine can't start

The diesel engine cannot be started, mainly because the low pressure oil circuit is blocked.

Can't supply oil normally, how should I repair it in different situations?

Two situations for your reference

Situation one

There is air in the oil circuit that prevents fuel from entering the high pressure oil pump.

For diesel engines that are placed for a long time,

This is a normal phenomenon.

The treatment method is to loosen the high pressure oil pump bleed screw.

Hand Common fuel pump to the Common fuel pump,

Remove the air and tighten the bleed screw.

Case 2:

The pump piston is severely worn or damaged,

Damage to springs or other parts can cause this malfunction.

Find out the reason why you can replace the oil supply line of the Common fuel pump.

Or other severely leaking joints

The reason why the diesel engine has the phenomenon of traveling and flying

The main reason for the phenomenon of traveling is that the Common fuel pump does not evenly supply oil to each cylinder or the governor is not working properly.

The main reason for the phenomenon of flying speed is the amount of oil in the Common fuel pump and the oil volume of the governor.

Measures to be taken on the flying phenomenon Pull the throttle to the parking position and immediately release the fuel injection pipe to cut off the fuel oil circuit. Immediately block the intake of the diesel engine, cut off the gas path, and force the diesel engine to turn off. Quickly hang the high gear and use the internal brake or external brake to force the diesel engine to stall.

If the diesel engine has a pressure reducing device, the pressure reducing device handle should be pulled immediately to reduce the cylinder compression pressure. After stopping the diesel engine, the fault should be checked and eliminated, because the working state of the high pressure oil pump and the governor directly affects the operation of the diesel engine, and maintenance should be strengthened.

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