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How to detect the good or bad of the engine injector

engine injector
The injector is a key component of the engine, and the failure of the injector will directly cause the engine to work abnormally.Its main performance is:
1. The engine emits black smoke.
2. Each cylinder works unevenly, and the engine produces obvious vibration.
3, the engine power is reduced, the vehicle is running weak.
What are the ways in which we should accurately judge and eliminate these faults?

Guangzhou Ruixiao  Trading Co., Ltd., with more than 20 years of professional experience to share with you: How to detect the good or bad working condition of the injector?

The following methods can be used:
  1. Special equipment testing. That is, the injector is removed and taken to the injector test bench for testing. If the detected injection pressure does not reach the corresponding technical standard, the injector has a poor degree of atomization, there is dripping or leakage, and the injector that cannot be recovered after cleaning and adjustment must be replaced.

  2. Detect on the engine.
    (1) It is judged whether the injector is good or bad by the difficulty level of the engine cold start and the exhaust smoke color after the start. The engine cold start is difficult. The exhaust smoke color after starting is white smoke or black smoke. If the oil supply angle and cylinder pressure are normal, the injector and high pressure oil pump may be faulty;
    (2) If you want to specifically judge which cylinder's injector is not working well, you can use the broken cylinder method. After the engine is started, maintain a stable speed, and then loosen the high-pressure fuel pipe one by one, that is, disconnect the fuel supply of one cylinder to see if the engine speed changes: if the generator speed drops significantly after the cylinder is broken, the combustion of the cylinder is indicated. It has an effect on the engine. The injector of this cylinder is good. If the generator speed drops after the cylinder is broken, it means that the combustion of this cylinder has no effect on the engine, and the engine has less white smoke or black smoke. The injector is bad.
    (3) The injector can be removed. The injector has a lot of carbon and it is very wet. This injector does not work well.
    (4) If the oil is found to be thin, the oil has a diesel smell, and it is often related to the injector failure.
    worth taking note of:
    1. The life of the injector is closely related to the maintenance of the fuel system.
    2, the use of 1500 hours should be the injector and high pressure oil pump on the test bench debugging.
    3. In the case of normal use, the injector should be replaced by the whole vehicle.
    4. While detecting the injector, do not ignore the detection of the high pressure oil pump and the oil pump.
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