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Failure and prevention of fuel pump plunger

fuel pump plunger

High pressure fuel pump plunger failure is one of the common faults of diesel engines. plunger failure will directly lead to the engine not working in one or more cylinders, and even overspeeding, can not stop, it is best to produce crankshaft, connecting rod, crankshaft, piston pin A serious accident that burned out.

Guangzhou Ruixiao Trading Co., Ltd. has been dedicated to the sales of diesel engine parts for more than 20 years, especially the various accessories of high pressure fuel pumps, fuel injectors, plungers, oil discharge valves and common rail oil pump systems, facing different markets at home and abroad. The product use feedback from our customers has accumulated a wealth of experience. To this end, for the plunger failure and prevention to share with you the following experience:
The damage of the plunger is mainly as follows:
1. The surface of the even part is broken, and the surface is destroyed due to the contact between the plunger and the plunger sleeve, mainly due to erosion, cavitation, abrasive wear and corrosive damage.

2. The sleeve positioning screw is too long, and the sleeve is dead, so that the sleeve is biased, and the plunger is issued.

3. The base of the pump body is not flat, which affects the assembly accuracy of the sleeve, and the plunger is biased and stuck.
4. The plunger is not cleaned during assembly, impurities enter the pump body and pull the plunger.

5. The plunger clearance is too small, and the viscosity of the diesel oil is too large, causing poor lubrication and damage.

Even wear
The wear of the even parts is the impurity particles mixed in the fuel, and the related parts are damaged at high speed. It mainly appears at the head of the plunger, at the lintel, at the supply side and at the oil inlet and outlet of the plunger.

Cave erosion

Cavitation is mainly the pits on the surface of the plunger under the action of fuel gasification and impurities.

1. Correct assembly
Before installation, check the plunger, clean the oil passage, keep the relevant accessories clean, and do not touch.
2. Use qualified diesel
3. Regular maintenance, timely replacement of the filter, cleaning the oil circuit
4. Maintain the oil pump in time to ensure normal working condition.
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