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Why are diesel generator injector blocked?

Date:2019-06-23Typename:Diesel injection news

When the diesel generator set is in use, it may be automatically turned off or the oil supply is insufficient. At this time, it is caused by the blockage of the injector. How do you find this symptom? These problems occur when the diesel generator set is in use.

In the process of using diesel generator sets for power generation, many users may encounter various symptoms caused by nozzle clogging. Diesel fuel injectors are important components of diesel engines. Although the injectors are very small, they are The role played is very huge. Therefore, timely understanding of the symptoms that may occur when the injector is blocked, and promptly cleaning and repairing these symptoms is a professional knowledge that a diesel generator set operator should have.

When the diesel fuel injector of the diesel generator set is blocked, many users can't find it in time. This is mainly because when the injector is abnormal, it is often started from a small accident that is not easy to detect. When the injector is blocked, the injector is blocked. The more serious it affects normal work, the more attention it draws. So what are the early warnings that should attract our attention?

In the early stage, when the injector is blocked, the following symptoms will appear:

1. The crew of the machine is not working properly and the horsepower is insufficient.

2. When the nozzle is blocked, it will affect the normal atomization. If the atomization is not good, the exhaust pipe will drop.

3. At the same time, there may be cases where the injection pressure is low.

4. When the injector is clogged, serious wear will occur, and even the burning of oil will occur.

When this problem occurs with the diesel generator set we use, it can be solved directly to avoid other problems.

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