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How to clean the diesel fuel injectors better?

Date:2019-04-12Typename:Diesel injection news
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Why are there fewer cleaner injectors now, are they not cleaned, and how to clean them?

    Diesel fuel injectors, more commonly known as diesel fuel injectors, are one of the most important components of EFI engines today. The owner knows the diesel fuel injectors and can rank the "fourth" in the engine! Who are the top three? -- "Change oil filter", "wash throttle", "change spark plug", "washing nozzle", these operations are now often hung on the mouth of the maintenance company, "early listening" . In this issue, we will discuss the problem of diesel fuel injectors cleaning.

Contrast before and after cleaning of the diesel fuel injectors - the outside is clean, what inside?

    The transition from carburetor to electrospray is the most important technological advancement of the engine. In the era of carburetor, the frequency of cleaning carburetor is almost the same as changing the oil. Why should the carburetor be cleaned so frequently? One reason is that when the carburetor is working, it uses the negative pressure formed in the intake pipe when the engine is inhaling, and is sucked "injected". There are several devices in the carburetor, such as starting, idling, enriching, etc. The small oil passages and small air passages inside are affected. Often because a small hole is not smooth, the oil supply is not normal. The pollution from gasoline, air and exhaust gas makes the carburetor "dirty" very fast, so the cleaning of the carburetor becomes a commonplace.

There are many holes in the carburetor, which affect each other

   Therefore, people invented the carburetor cleaning agent, today the carburetor is eliminated, but the name of the carburetor cleaning agent has been retained, it can be regarded as a memory of the carburetor era.

   Eliminate the carburetor and upgrade to EFI. There is only one throttle in the position of the carburetor to control the intake air, and then the fuel is injected from the rear diesel fuel injectors. Many repairmen have insufficient experience in maintenance and repair of EFI, and they also "extend" the idea of the carburetor. The engine appears, such as bad car, jitter, poor acceleration, etc. If it is suspected that it is a problem of oil supply, it must first Wash the throttle and after the fuel diesel fuel injectors. As for whether or not you can solve the problem, wash it first.

   In 2000, when the carburetor and EFI alternated, cleaning a carburetor requires a can of cleaning agent for a total cost of about 30 yuan. EFI, the new things at the time, tall, wash a 30 yuan, not expensive! See clearly, a 30, four can be 120 yuan. At the time, the cleaning method was simple to the extreme.

Early cleaning of the carburetor is extremely simple

   The principle of using the diesel fuel injectors to turn on the fuel injection is to remove the diesel fuel injectors, directly connect the battery to the power supply, and use the carburetor cleaning agent to squeeze the spray. Three times five divided by two, OK, so there is a paragraph, said: a can of cleaning agent washed four diesel fuel injectors, still have a half tank of cleaning agent. Profiteering!

   Slowly, as people became familiar with EFI, we began to become rational! Cleaning no longer becomes so frequent. Indeed, the diesel fuel injectors really does not have to be cleaned. why?

   First, the quality of gasoline has improved. What kind of gums and impurities are much less, of course, there is more ethanol!

   Second, the pollution of the exhaust gas is less! Where does the exhaust gas come from? Crankcase ventilation!

Engine crankcase ventilation

   What is crankcase ventilation is the high pressure gas in the cylinder, burnt, not burnt. Because the piston ring seal drops, it breaks into the oil bottom, and then these exhaust gases are reintroduced into the intake pipe. In the early days, this system was designed with defects. When there was more exhaust gas, it directly polluted the carburetor. Today, the engine performance is good, the exhaust gas is less, and more importantly, the crankcase ventilation design is improved, and the throttle is less polluted.

   Thirdly, the further one is that there is such exhaust gas, can it be polluted to the diesel fuel injectors? The diesel fuel injectors is a precision high-frequency working part, and there is pressure gasoline to spray out. How can pollution get inside?

   Therefore, the diesel fuel injectors is basically not cleaned!

Now the diesel fuel injectors cleaning is free of cleaning - hanging bottles

   Of course, there must be gelatin in the gas and oil, and we will clean it occasionally, but it is not the first time that the cleaning agent was sprayed a few times. Now the diesel fuel injectors is cleaned with a disposable cleaning-hanging bottle. In fact, the cleaning agent in the bottle is connected to the engine oil circuit, and the fuel is sprayed. At this time, the fuel diesel fuel injectors is no longer gasoline, but a cleaning agent. Dozens of minutes, how many times the diesel fuel injectors can be sprayed, I will not calculate, anyway, many times, the effect is much stronger!

Now the diesel fuel injectors is cleaned and tested.

   Today, many repair shop stores have a cleaning and testing integrated device for the diesel fuel injectors. The diesel fuel injectors is removed and installed on the equipment. The equipment is equivalent to an EFI fuel supply system. The diesel fuel injectors is controlled to spray oil. The cleaning is completed in the process, and more importantly, it can be seen whether the fuel injection amount is uniform, the injection angle is atomized, the diesel fuel injectors is leaked, and the like.

Now the diesel fuel injectors is cleaned and tested.

   Of course, for the current in-cylinder direct injection diesel fuel injectors, the technology and cost are higher, the cleaning of the diesel fuel injectors becomes more cautious, and the equipment is also more high-end!

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