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How to Install high pressure fuel pump?

Date:2017-12-06Typename:Diesel injection news
high pressure fuel pump

The diesel injection system and parts expert - Guangzhou Rui Xiao Trading Co., Ltd. reminds users that when installing the high pressure fuel pump, we must strictly abide by the operating specifications to ensure the good operation of the engine. The installation procedure is as follows:

1. Be careful to remove the packing box, do not hold low-strength parts such as high-low pressure connectors MPROP, and only hold the pump housing.

2. When not necessary, the various protective sleeves on the pump cannot be removed during installation. 

3. Install 3 bolts on the oil pump coupling plate. 

4. The oil pump coupling plate is mounted on the gear chamber plate cover. 

5. high pressure fuel pump gear installation torque (100 ~ 110) N.m, no timing requirements.

6. Allow the protective cover to be removed only when the pump is mounted on the engine and a low pressure fuel line is to be connected. 

7. The protective sleeve can only be removed before installing the high-pressure tubing and the high-pressure tubing should be installed immediately. 

8. Special emphasis: It is not allowed to use starter drag to exclude air from the circuit! 9. The pump is not allowed to "dry dry". Before turning, 60 ml of fuel must be added and the internal air must be excluded. 10. Install the electrical interface after the mechanical installation is completed. Remarks: The crankshaft gear, the large idler gear and the camshaft gear have the timing alignment mark, and the high-pressure oil pump gear has no timing requirement, corresponding to the crankshaft gear transmission ratio is 4:3.

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