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Diesel injection news

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Common faults and solutions for diesel injection systems

Date:2017-12-06Typename:Diesel injection news
diesel injection systems

The diesel engine oil supply system consists of a diesel tank, an oil pump, a low pressure oil pipe, a diesel filter, a fuel injection pump, a high pressure oil pipe, a fuel injector and a return oil pipe. Diesel fuel is sucked out from the diesel tank by the oil pump, and generates a certain pressure. After filtering the impurities through the diesel filter, it enters the fuel injection pump. The fuel injection pump raises the oil pressure of the low pressure oil, and injects the high pressure oil into the combustion through the high pressure oil pipe and the injector. room. Due to the large oil supply of the oil pump, part of the excess diesel oil flows back to the oil pump or diesel tank from the fuel return pipe, and the other part flows back to the diesel tank through the pressure limiting valve and the return oil pipe

Now let Guangzhou Ruiqi Trading Co., Ltd. tell you about the common faults and troubleshooting methods of diesel engine fuel injection system.

The most common faults in the fuel system are: high pressure oil pump aging (work failure). The injector is dirty. The diesel filter is dirty. Pay attention to the regular replacement of the diesel filter, use good quality diesel, want to check if the fuel system has Problem. First check the oil pressure. See if the oil pressure is normal. Check the oil pressure at idle speed. The oil pressure at the time of acceleration. The oil pressure after the flame is extinguished. It can be judged whether the oil pump is faulty or not. Whether the diesel filter is clogged. Check the injector. The easiest way can be judged by unplugging the injector. If the engine is obviously shaken after unplugging, the injector is working well. If the engine does not respond. Injector malfunctions. Can be removed for cleaning or replacement
In the event of a complex fault such as a flying car, in addition to learning emergency treatment, the vehicle should be driven to a professional maintenance factory for system inspection and troubleshooting.

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