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What are the symptoms of fuel injector parts blockage?

fuel injector parts
Now, Let us tell you:what are the symptoms of engine injector blockage?
The fuel injector parts is an important part of the diesel engine. Although the injector is very small in size, its role is very large. It is an important carrier for power generation. The fuel is atomized by his action. Reach the conditions of combustion.he clogging and abnormality of the injector will directly affect the normal operation of the engine.And showed the following phenomenon:
1. The unit is not working properly and the horsepower is insufficient.
2. When the nozzle is blocked, it will affect the normal atomization. If the atomization is not good, the exhaust pipe will drip.
3. At the same time, there may be cases where the injection pressure is low.

4. When the nozzle is clogged, serious wear will occur, and even the burning of oil will occur.

 When you find that your diesel engine has the above phenomenon, you must stop your machine, start inspection and troubleshoot one by one to avoid further losses.

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