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When repairing injectors,don't blindly replace the nozzle!

Date:2019-03-31Typename:Diesel injection news

The maintenance of the injector is a precise and technically demanding work. The maintenance process of each step is also required to be standardized and rigorous. Otherwise, the truck injector is likely to be the same for multiple times due to the same problem. Faults and problems.

When you repair a car, you will often encounter: the car is not good at power, black smoke, and high fuel consumption. The maintenance master often checks the injector first. After the injector is removed, the pump is pressure tested by hand on the tester. As long as the injector is not atomized a little, the decision to replace the injector will be made. After the new injector, the problem with the vehicle remains unresolved.

Injector maintenance is more difficult

For injectors, the opening pressure will decrease after a period of use. For Bosch's fuel injector assembly, the pressure drop is guaranteed to be within 20 bar, which has little effect on the performance of the diesel engine.

For the case of poor atomization that often leads to the replacement of the injector, the service station is determined by the hand pump, but the injector is factory-inspected without a hand pump and the injector is inspected with a dedicated DPS test rig. The characteristics of sealing, vibration, opening pressure, etc., when several indicators meet the requirements, that is, qualified.

Therefore, we occasionally find that the injector tested by the DPS test bench is unqualified when it is tested by hand pump, and the fogging is not good, but this situation will not affect the use effect, because DPS is the simulated injection. The actual working state of the device, the hand pump can only check the opening condition under low pressure.

According to statistics, after the injectors returned by the main engine factory due to poor atomization were returned to the company, 95% of them were qualified after testing on the DPS test bench.

When there is foreign matter inside the injector, the oil cannot be atomized very well and it is easy to make the idle speed unstable and the fuel consumption is high. The carbon deposits accumulated in the intake valve will cause more damage to the engine, because carbon deposition will not only destroy the flow stability of the mixture into the combustion chamber, but also deteriorate the combustion efficiency and make the fuel consumption amazing. It will further absorb oil and gas to produce more carbon deposits, and then absorb more oil and gas to form a vicious circle.

If it is only the general atomization is bad, there is no serious oil drop, and it does not affect the use. It can be confirmed by replacing the fuel injector with the injector and another cylinder working well on the diesel engine instead of easily. Change it.

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